Flagship Trivia is THE premier, award-winning trivia game in town.

Join us for seven rounds of ten questions each, with a special theme round each game. Questions get progressively difficult as the night continues, so players at all levels will enjoy a challenge. Flagship Trivia is always free to play. Winning teams win prizes!!
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A Few Words About Us


February 24

What a day! It's been quite the day and we are finally home trying to finalize this week's game. Sunday is the Tournament of Champions, so I am getting ready for that too. Thank goodness I am retired. I wouldn't have the time to work if I weren't!
Here are the advance questions for this week: The first significant gold rush in the US occurred in what state? What Dutch, multinational electronics company, headquartered in Amsterdam, first introduced the audio cassette tape in 1963? What NFL team won the Super Bowl three times in four years between 2002 and 2005? And the unrelated answers: Jerusalem, Crocodile, Hawaii.
Have a great week.
February 25

The 2023 Tournament of Champions is in the history books. Congratulations to all the teams. It was a tough game.

First Place: Big Daddy C & Company. Ollies VIP North. $250 Prize.
Second Place: Trash Kitties. Blue Mountain Wine Crafters. $175 Prize
Third Place: NCTC Escapees. Captain Benders. $75 Prize (which they are donating to the Maryland Food Bank!)
February 25

Rumsey Tavern will be open soon! They open for business on March 9. We start 
Tuesday, March 12 at 7:00! Flagship Trivia is back at the Rumsey! I think all the teams that used to play there will appreciate the changes. I was in today and it is light and bright. There are TVs around the bar so the game will show up on 4 different screens. Join your host Heidi Hanrahan for trivia at the Rumsey Tavern!

Please use the door on the left side of the building. The main door you used to use is now Christian Caine Jewelry and you can't get through there. Go to the left side of the building, where the event rooms are and follow around to the Rumsey Tavern.

For Captain Bender’s players: If you are going to come, please contact the bar at 301-432-5813 to make a reservation. Lately, we have been having record crowds, and it would help the staff get tables ready if they knew you were coming and how many are in your party.  Thank you!