Flagship Trivia is THE premier, award-winning trivia game in town.

Join us for seven rounds of ten questions each, with a special theme round each game. Questions get progressively difficult as the night continues, so players at all levels will enjoy a challenge. Flagship Trivia is always free to play. Winning teams win prizes!!
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A Few Words About Us


May 14

Greetings from Copenhagen! I was reminded today that with all the whirlwind of activity in leaving, I forgot to send the advances out. I apologize. 
Here are the advance questions for this week: The point in the US furthest from the nearest coastline at 1,025 miles lies on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in what state? Canonized in 1933, what famous nun is the patron saint of the French pilgrimage town of Lourdes? What is the name of the seismic fault line located at the conjunction of Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee? And the unrelated answers: Gossamer Albatross, Sleuth, New Madrid Seismic Zone.
The food truck at Blue Mountain Wine Crafters Boutique Winery is Still Smokin' this week. Enjoy! 
Have a great week. And see YOU at trivia!
April 6

After the first quarter of 2024, I thought it was time to give the leaderboard. I have included all teams who have played more than one game so far this year and have an average of 60 or above. I am also keeping track of how many games each team has played. Here is the list of the top teams in alphabetical order.

Acoustic Shadow 
Bert's Bitches 
Big Daddy C & Co. 
Damn Gina 
Free Radicals 
In Last Place So Far 
June, July, August 
NCTC Escapees 
O Geez 
Red or White 
Sexy Beasts 
There and Back Again 
Three Tequilas 
Trash Kitties 
Useless Shit for 100 Please 
X of 9 
Young Bucks
For Captain Bender’s players: If you are going to come, please contact the bar at 301-432-5813 to make a reservation. Lately, we have been having record crowds, and it would help the staff get tables ready if they knew you were coming and how many are in your party.  Thank you!