Flagship Trivia is THE premier, award-winning trivia game in town.

Join us for seven rounds of ten questions each, with a special theme round each game. Questions get progressively difficult as the night continues, so players at all levels will enjoy a challenge. Flagship Trivia is always free to play. Winning teams win prizes!!
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September 29
It's only Friday night, but I was updating the website and Facebook pages with the top teams and decided to post the advances while I was there. The games this week are the beginning of October! 
October news: Reminder to Ollies players, there will NOT be a game there this week. They will be closed. If you want to play, please check the Where to Play link. You have 4 options Monday through Thursday. Make sure you see that the Tuesday and Thursday venues start the game at 6:30. Also coming in October is Halloween. October 31 is a Tuesday this year. We will have Halloween parties at all our locations. More information will come closer to the date.
Here are the advance questions and answers for this week. The questions: What ancient city did Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt introduce to the Western world in 1812? What wondrous creation was designed by Sostratus of Cnidus? Whose famous poem ends with "I lift my lamp beside the golden door"? And the unrelated answers: Milton Obote, Moai, Lucille Ball.
Have a great week and we will see you at trivia!
September 29

Here is the listing for the top 17 teams (in alphabetical order). I have posted 17 teams because they all have an average of 60 and above! If you don't see your team's name here, don't despair. This is just the top 17 for now, it changes slightly every week. Keep playing, it is still early enough in the year to get on the list. Ultimately though, we will probably stick with the top 12. But we will make that determination later in the year.

3 Tequilas 
Acoustic Shadow 
Big Daddy C & Co. 
Damn Gina 
In Last Place So Far
June, July, August 
Landing Party 
NCTC Escapees 
Red or White 
Sexy Beasts 
Trash Kitties 
Useless Shit for 100 Please 
We Need Backup 
X of 9 
Young Bucks 
September 7
Big News! As most already know, we have a Tournament of Champions for the year. We are still planning on having that and we will have some great news about the venue soon. But, we got to thinking about the many teams we have who are regular, faithfully playing teams who haven't yet made the cut for the ToC. So, we've come up with a tournament for those teams. We have a record of every team and every score for the year, so we know how many games each team has played. If you have been playing regularly, but your team is not invited to the ToC, we have a tournament for you! If your team just started playing, don't worry, we plan on doing this again next year. so, keep on playing! 
The ToC won't be held until February because we will be out of town in January. The Tournament for our regularly playing teams will be after that. More details will come as we figure them out. We're still working on a name for the Tournament, we are open to suggestions!

For Captain Bender’s players: If you are going to come, please contact the bar at 301-432-5813 to make a reservation. Lately, we have been having record crowds, and it would help the staff get tables ready if they knew you were coming and how many are in your party.  Thank you!