Flagship Trivia is THE premier, award-winning trivia game in town.

Join us for seven rounds of ten questions each, with a special theme round each game. Questions get progressively difficult as the night continues, so players at all levels will enjoy a challenge. Flagship Trivia is always free to play. Winning teams win prizes!!
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A Few Words About Us


So many things to do before vacation, so things are being forgotten. I just realized I had forgotten to post this week's advances. 
Here are the advances. The questions: Which European country’s capital and largest city is Tirana? The first female governor in the United States, Nellie Tayloe Ross, was elected in which state in 1924? And the unrelated answers: Seattle Slew and Minnesota. The theme round this week is The Fourth of July and the Declaration of Independence. We are getting you ready for Independence Day. We will be in Italy that day, so no fireworks for us, unless I pinch some nonna on the asino. I'll endeavor to restrain myself. 
Have a great week! We will host on Monday, but we leave Wednesday afternoon and won't be back until July 13! We should have internet, so the next time I post the advances, they will be from Europe! 
I know many teams are curious about the standings. Here are the top 12 teams in order of team averages.

Big Daddy C & Co.
Sexy Beasts
Useless Shit for 100 Please
Acoustic Shadow
NCTC Escapees
Damn Gina
Landing Party
We Need Backup
Young Bucks
3 Tequilas

Everyone keep playing. This list changes weekly!
Just a reminder, especially to Captain Bender’s players. Benders reserved tables for regularly playing teams. If you aren’t going to come, please contact the bar at 301-432-5813. You can let me know too, but it would be really helpful for them to know so they can reserve the appropriate number of tables and also seat non-trivia playing folks. Thank you!
I had to redo the Flagship Trivia website. It is still a work in progress, but I have been able to bring something back that we haven't had in a while. On the link for The Teams, you can fill out the form online. It will send me a message with your team name, your name, email address, and the members of your team. Once I have a few, I will update the page. Or I may rename this page and then put the teams on their own page. If you want to send me a team picture, you can do that separately to If there is anything else you want to add about your team, add that to the form under the names. I am still working on the website, so other changes, additions, and deletions may be coming.