Chuck & Bill

Chuck Pierpont & Bill Donahue

Chuck and Bill have been playing games produced by Flagship Trivia since 2010. They were members of the Free Radicals. Chuck and his partner, Bill, are now the owners of Flagship Trivia since Cliff and Shelley moved to Florida. After having so much fun playing trivia, they weren't willing to just let it go. They hope you will continue to enjoy Flagship Trivia as you always have. 
Chuck and Bill host at Captain Bender's Tavern on Monday nights, Cafe del Sol - Hagerstown East on Tuesday nights, and Ollies VIP on Wednesday nights. Come visit them!
Phil and Meg

Megan & Phil Clifton

Flagship Trivia has been a part of Megan Stoner-Clifton & Philip Clifton’s lives since early in their relationship. They started playing at Ollie’s in Martinsburg in 2018 because Philip lived 2 stop signs away and was a regular at the venue. Initially, it was just the two of them so their team name was, “We Need Backup.” Over time, they recruited more and more members of their family to play with them. 
They are hosting at Blue Mountain Wine Crafters in Funkstown, MD. For their day jobs, Megan works in HR at Blue Ridge Community & Technical College and Philip is a Rental Sales Rep at Carter Machinery for Caterpillar, Inc.
Heidi Hanrahan

Heidi Hanrahan

Heidi started playing trivia with Flagship Trivia at Rumsey Tavern. After her team stopped playing, she became a host and continued to substitute host. Now, it has come full circle and Heidi is the new host at the re-opened Rumsey Tavern.

The Hosts