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Join us for seven rounds of ten questions each, with a special theme round each game. Questions get progressively difficult as the night continues, so players at all levels will enjoy a challenge. Flagship Trivia is always free to play. Winning teams win prizes!!
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A Few Words About Us


August 13
What a beautiful weekend. It is unseasonably cool, so I feel for the folks who went to the beach, but I am enjoying it. It was even a little chilly last night. I had mentioned there was a play being produced by the same church that brought you Jesus Christ Superstar last year, in the same place. This year, there is a tent and seats, but the hill is still there if you want to come early and have a picnic dinner. There is no fee for tickets, but donations are gratefully accepted. I saw the show last night. It begins with a couple young ladies singing a variety of songs. Then the two-person show begins. Since it is called Rounding Third, it is obviously about baseball. It was very enjoyable, funny, and had great feeling too. I recommend it. There is another performance tonight (bring a jacket or blanket). And then again next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8:00. The church is at 106 S. Duke St. in Shepherdstown. 
We still have trivia this week too. Here are the advances for this week. The advance questions: According to Rolling Stone magazine, what 1955 song has “the most inspired rock lyric ever recorded: ‘A wop bop alu bop, a wop bam boom!’”? In what country was the Hope Diamond originally extracted? And the unrelated answers: Lassen Peak and Amplitude Modulation. 
You may be wondering where we're going with this week's theme round. The real question is not where we're going, but what you're going to see when you get there. The theme round is all about Famous Landmarks from all over the world. 
 Enjoy the cooler August weather and we will see you at Trivia this week!
July 16
It's been a little while since I posted the top twelve teams. There is less than 6 points between first place and twelfth place. Here are the top twelve teams, in alphabetical order:

3 Tequilas
Acoustic Shadow
Big Daddy C & Co.
Damn Gina
Landing Party
NCTC Escapees
Sexy Beasts
Useless Shit for 100 Please
We Need Backup
Young Bucks
Please come see Rounding Third at St. Agnes Church 106 S. Duke St. in Shepherdstown. Many of you came last year to see Jesus Christ Superstar. Please come back to support again. 
Rounding Third, by Richard Dresser, is the tumultuous journey of two Little League baseball coaches through an entire season, from their first tentative meeting to the climactic championship game. The audience is the stand-in for the team, so the coaches speak directly to the audience about competition, character, punctuality, and the importance of wearing the right equipment. 
Each evening performance will begin with a 30-minute choir concert featuring St. Agnes youth. Following will be the play, put on by Richard Yates and Joe Yates.
The show is free to the public, but donations would be appreciated. Donations will be taken online when you make your reservation or at the door. To make a reservation, go to

Just a reminder, especially to Captain Bender’s players. Benders reserved tables for regularly playing teams. If you aren’t going to come, please contact the bar at 301-432-5813. You can let me know too, but it would be really helpful for them to know so they can reserve the appropriate number of tables and also seat non-trivia playing folks. Thank you!