Flagship for Your Restaurant

Who wants to have some fun?  And put hungry, thirsty bodies in seats?
Flagship Trivia can come to your restaurant!
Flagship Trivia is designed to be affordable. We help shoulder the responsibility for getting trivia into your restaurant. For a small first month's fee, you will receive all the materials to run the successful Flagship Trivia concept in your restaurant or pub. The price goes up slightly for the 2nd and 3rd months. By the 4th month, Flagship Trivia will be firmly embedded and active and the regular monthly rate will apply. 
Any night of the week can be among your busiest nights of the week. As a Flagship Trivia location, you will help solidify your establishment’s image as THE fun place to eat, drink, and socialize.
To learn how to join the Flagship Trivia family, contact us today! Call Chuck at 301-988-5893 and leave a voicemail or send him an email at chuck@flagshiptrivia.com.