Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your questions? 
Chuck Pierpont writes each weekly game.  He gets his ideas for questions from a number of sources, including Wikipedia random, The History Channel website, crossword puzzle clues and answers, atlases, and just about anywhere he can find information. He also gets a weekly submission of questions from former host and friend, Judy Malone. Since many people think they would like to write questions, if you want, send your questions to Chuck at If he decides to use them, they will be advance questions. Not all questions will be used and some questions may be held for future games. 
What does the winning team get? 
Most of our venues give the winning team a gift card or gift certificate.  In addition, we keep the weekly scores and those points add up and teams with the highest averages will be invited to a special Tournament of Champions with thrills, chills and cash prizes! 
Do you limit team size?  If not, why not? 
No, we don't limit team size. Whether to limit team size is up to each venue.  Frankly, our venues want to welcome as many players as possible, so they don't want us to limit team sizes. 
But don't larger teams have an advantage? 
One might think so, but our experience has found that the more players a team has, the more chance there is for disagreement on the answers.  We have heard many times from players on larger teams that "if only they'd have listened to ME on that question, we'd have one more point and we'd tie for the win." One exception to this rule is the Tournament of Champions. We limit the team size for this contest to a maximum of 8 players per team. 
What do you do if the teams tie? 
In the event of a tie, the tied team with the highest score in round 7 will win. If the tied teams tied in round 7, we'll go back to round 6, etc. until a winner is declared. If necessary, tie-breaking questions will be found and asked.
But seriously, what are the rules for the game? 
We read the rules before each game. But, most importantly, we must insist that, during the open round, players stay off of their telephones, tablets, etc.  Of course, players are welcome to use those devices after their team has submitted its answer sheet.  In the event we see someone using a device during gameplay, we will ask them nicely to refrain from doing so.  If we see it happening again, the team will be disqualified for the evening.  The team can still play, but it cannot win the nightly prize, and its score for that week will be a zero.  And nobody likes a zero! 
How can our team be best prepared to play Flagship Trivia? 
The best way is to load your team with people who have a wide variety of knowledge. We ask plenty of history, science, current events, geography, theater/movie/Broadway, and general knowledge questions.  Also, you can do advance research on two questions each week.  At the end of each game, we provide an advance research question and an answer for next week's game.  And the following weekend, we provide another advance research question and answer on our website and Facebook page. 
Who is your favorite trivia team? 
How many questions have you asked since you started writing for Flagship Trivia?  Do you ever repeat questions? 
As of late June 2022, we've written over 22,000 questions, including championship games.  We try not to repeat questions, although it has happened. 
This is all so fascinating.  I'm sure I'll have more questions in the future. 
Great!  Send your questions to and we'll send back an answer.  If it's a really good question, we'll add it to these Frequently Asked Questions. 
See you at Flagship Trivia!