Here Are Some of Our Teams

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Lighthouse 316

Team Location:  Blue Mountain Wine Crafters
Team Members: 
Peyton Doub
Albert Doub
Elyssa Doub
William Doub
Elizabeth Doub
Brian Duff
Barbara Ramsey  

NCTC Escapees

Team Location: Captain Benders
Team Members: 
Glenn & Debbie Gravatt
Dave & Annie Lemarie
Karen & Stuart Wallace
Rollie & Alison Jacobs
Liz Bellantoni
Chris Horsch
Karin Christensen

We are retirees from the National Conservation Training Center near Shepherdstown, WV. A wonderful place.

"Some day it may be worthwhile to take up the story of the younger ones again and see what sort of men and women they turned out to be..." Mark Twain

The Otterbeinsteins

Team Location: Blue Mountain Wine CraftersTeam 
Team Members: 
Tom Crawford
Carrie Crawford
Pol Heiney
Micheal Hiatt
Dave Bennett
Barry Tucker
Jennifer Shephard  

Red or White

Team Location: Blue Mountain Wine CraftersTeam 
Team Members: 
Eric & Joyce Larson
Mike & Donna Wojton
Rande Leibowitz
Guest appearances by our kids
We are a group of non-native Marylanders whose jobs have brought us all to settle in Myersville. We have a mutual interest in (obviously) wine, with a side interest in trivia. Thanks Blue Mountain!  

Here for the Beer

Team Location:  Coast Tacobar
Team Members: 
Tim Young 
Cathy Young 
Andy Young 
Valerie Hernandes 
Brian Fields 
Rachel Fields 
Jonathan Hernandes

Damn Gina!

Team Location: Ollies VIP North

Damn Gina! is a diverse group of friends ranging in age from 26 to 70. We all enjoy the challenge of trivia along with the opportunity to interact with teammates outside of our own generation and place of employment. For those who may not know, “Damn Gina!” is an expression made popular by the 90’s sitcom 'Martin'. It’s been adopted into contemporary slang to convey awe, surprise, or appreciation, something we all experience weekly at trivia!